The airline Citilink


At the Indonesian airport, the aircraft rolled out of the runway

At the airport of the Indonesian city of Padang, the passenger airliner of the company "Citilink"Skidded off the runway.

As a result of the incident, at least three people were injured, who got rid of a number of minor bruises and injuries. As it became known to the aviation resource, the rolling out of the passenger airliner on board which was 174 person without crew members occurred while landing - according to some sources the fault was the broken landing gear, due to which the plane blocked its entire fuselage with the entire runway , Which also led to a temporary suspension of the Indonesian airport.

The leadership of the airline "Citilink" refused to comment on the situation, however, despite this, the source of Padang airport said that the consequences of the incident were eliminated within an hour, and did not entail serious consequences.