Jordan said it will continue to shoot down Iranian missiles in its airspace

Jordanian Foreign Minister Ayman Hussein Abdullah al-Safadi confirmed in an interview with CNN that the kingdom's air defense systems have shot down and will continue to shoot down any threatening objects invading the country's airspace. He clarified that during Iran's recent attack on Israel, Jordanian air defense intercepted several Iranian missiles and drones.

Al-Safadi stressed that Jordan's actions are in line with its long-standing national security policy.

“We have always destroyed anything that enters our airspace and poses a security threat.”“, the minister said, adding that this position will remain regardless of the source of the threat, be it Israel, Iran or other countries.

He also expressed the opinion that current events are being used by Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to divert the attention of the international community from the conflict in Gaza. Al-Safadi said Netanyahu is seeking to reduce pressure to end aggression in the region, citing confrontation with Iran.

The minister emphasized that the main problem remains the situation in Gaza and the West Bank, which requires priority attention from the world community.

"If we do not resolve this conflict, the risks of regional escalation will remain high"“, concluded Al-Safadi.


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