Russian Navy base


Two Russian military bases may appear in Iraq

Russia got the opportunity to establish its military bases in Iraq.

Against the background of the emergence of information that the United States intends to follow Afghanistan and leave the territory of Iraq, it became known that official Baghdad may invite Russian military to the territory of the country. The main reason for this is the need to ensure security in the fight against terrorists of the "Islamic State" (a terrorist group whose activities are prohibited in Russia - ed.), Who maintain their presence on the territory of this Middle Eastern state.

According to experts, in fact, Russia can get two military bases in Iraq at once - a military airfield and a naval base, allowing access to the Persian Gulf. Both options may turn out to be very acceptable for Russia, since this will significantly expand the Russian military presence and allow control of a vast region.

It should be noted that Iraq is a fairly good Russian military partner and therefore the expansion of military cooperation between the two countries is quite an effective step, especially since both Russia and Iraq are interested in this.

In turn, it should be noted that the actual timing of the withdrawal of the American military contingent from Iraq remains unknown.

This fact, if it takes place, I can only welcome!

The United States has not yet prepared terrorists in Iraq to fight the Russian Federation