Secret nuclear facility attacked in Iran - the strike could have been delivered from the airspace of Azerbaijan

A secret nuclear facility by the IRGC has been attacked near the Iranian capital.

Earth remote sensing satellite recorded an attack on a secret nuclear facility located near Tehran. An unknown missile successfully struck a facility where nuclear weapons could be stored and the corresponding development of the latter was carried out. Taking into account the location of the Iranian capital, it was assumed that the attack was carried out from the Caspian Sea, and it is very likely that we are talking about the Israeli Air Force, which initially operated in the airspace of Azerbaijan.

On the satellite images presented, you can see that the secret nuclear facility of the IRGC visually received quite serious damage, however, it is reported that the missile was supposed to strike not at the building itself, but at the underground complex located just below it.

Official Tehran does not comment on the attack at the moment, but it became known that this nuclear facility is covered by long, medium and short-range air defense systems. Therefore, at the moment there are quite a few questions about how the attack went unnoticed and why the air defense systems of the Islamic republic failed to repel it.


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