In Iran, unidentified people burned down a military base with hundreds of military personnel

In Iran, protesters burned down a military base with hundreds of troops.

A group of unknown people set fire to the military base of the Basij formation in the Iranian city of Ahvaz. According to a number of data, there were about 250 military personnel here (the Bassij formation is paramilitary and consists mainly of volunteers - ed.), which led to a large number of victims and casualties.

On video footage taken by the protesters themselves, you can see the moment of arson of a military base in Ahvaz. The protesters simply doused the building and the exit from it with flammable liquid. and set on fire As a result of the rapid spread of fire, the barracks with the militias was engulfed in fire. Accurate data on the victims and victims are currently not available, however, it is reported that at least 10 ambulances have arrived at the scene of the arson.

Despite the fact that the protests on the territory of Iran began to be consecrated much less often, it is known that clashes between the protesters, including those armed with small arms, the forces of the IRGC and the Basij continue to this day. At the same time, taking into account the upcoming elections in 2025, experts believe that Iran may purposefully try to destabilize the situation in order to change the state order.


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