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Iran announces destruction of Ukrainian spy plane

The Iranian military was praised for the downed Ukrainian airliner.

Contrary to the fact that until recently, official Tehran expressed condolences to Ukraine in connection with the destruction of a Ukrainian passenger airliner, confusing it with an American combat aircraft, it became known that rockets were praised in Iran, offering to reward them for the successful destruction of the aircraft, which caused a lot of indignation .

“MP Hassan Norouzi said the Iranian military“ did an excellent job ”by shooting down a Ukrainian UIA plane near Tehran. This is written by Al Arabiya. “The military forces performed their duties perfectly. The movement of the aircraft was very suspicious, ”the newspaper reports. According to the Iranian politician, UIA's civilian airliner was under the control of the American side, which set "several special goals in Iran." The politician believed that Iran has enough evidence for this, so the perpetrators of the crash will not be arrested. In March it was reported that the Iranian side was ready to hand over to Kiev black boxes of a Boeing shot down in January near Tehran. ”, - about it сообщает "".

It is not known what specific “special purposes” are involved, however, experts call such statements medieval wildness.

“Instead of deciphering the flight recorders, in Iran they decided to come up with another bike to relieve themselves of responsibility. It should be remembered that ordinary people died, and the statement that the plane was under the control of the US military is utter nonsense. ", - said the analyst

Experts do not exclude that such a statement from Iran will seriously worsen relations between Tehran and Kiev, and, obviously, will lead to the next imposition of UN sanctions against Iran.