In Iran, protesters attacked the Iranian military and seized hundreds of weapons

Iranian military attacked by protesters in Tehran.

The authorities of the Islamic Republic failed to suppress the protests in Iran caused by the death of one of the activists. Tonight, during the mass clashes between Iranian protesters and the security forces, it became known about the attack on the Iranian military, from which a significant amount of weapons was taken away, which allowed the protesters to begin blockading parts of the Iranian capital.

On the video footage presented, you can see the consequences of serious clashes between citizens and the police and members of the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps. As a result of serious skirmishes, there are victims both from the side of the protesters and from the side of the security forces. Nevertheless, the seizure of a large number of weapons can lead to an extremely sharp escalation not only in Tehran itself, but throughout Iran.

In Iran, extremely serious clashes with the police and members of the IRGC can be observed. At the same time, the current situation is not at all in favor of the Iranian authorities. This is a very serious concern, as the protesters could stage a coup d'état in the Islamic republic, which is one of Russia's key allies in the region.

The Iranian authorities do not comment on the situation that has developed over the past week, however, the latter has sharply destabilized after the US allowed its intervention.


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