Iran has successfully developed the Fatah 2 hypersonic ballistic missile

The Israeli media are actively discussing the new Iranian Fatah 2 missile, which poses a threat to both Israel and the United States. According to the Israeli publication Maariv, the Fatah 2 missile has hypersonic capabilities and is capable of overcoming even the most modern US and Israeli missile defense systems. This fact is especially emphasized against the backdrop of information that the missile was developed in Iran, despite numerous Western sanctions.

The Israeli website Walla indicates that Fatah 2 is designed to overcome the Israeli Hetz missile defense system. As part of the Iranian military demonstration, a powerful unmanned aircraft was also presented - the Gaza drone with modern weapons.

Expert Tal Inbar, who specializes in studying Iran's missile programs, said the demonstration highlights Iran's significant progress in missile technology and unmanned aerial vehicles, highlighting the ineffectiveness of the sanctions and technological blockade imposed on Iran.

Iran's Fatah 2 missile is part of a new generation of hypersonic glide ballistic missiles, making it particularly dangerous and difficult for existing air defense systems to attack.


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