Iran announced the successful defeat of all targets in Israel

The Iranian news agency Press TV published a statement from the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC) claiming that strikes on Israeli military targets were successfully carried out. As part of Operation True Promise, Israeli territory was attacked using unmanned aerial vehicles and missiles.

According to IRNA, the IRGC assesses this strike as effective and believes that all targeted military targets were hit. Operation True Promise was initiated in response to Israeli actions against the Iranian consulate in Damascus in early April. Iran claims the purpose of the operation was to "punish" Tel Aviv for its aggressive actions.

The IRGC said a significant number of missiles and UAVs, including the Shahed model, were launched on Sunday night in a show of Iran's military power and technological capabilities. In this context, the Iranian military emphasizes that it was able to achieve all its goals, despite Israeli air defense attempts to shoot down attacking drones and missiles. However, it is known that of the almost recorded air targets, only four explosions occurred on Israeli territory.


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