Irkutsk Airport


In Irkutsk, due to fog delayed flight 4

Because of the fog at the airport of Irkutsk delayed several flights.

According to the data available to the aviation resource, to date from the Irkutsk air harbor delayed departures of such airlines as "Alrosa" (flight Irkutsk - Polar), "Angara" (flight Irkutsk - Lensk), "Aeroflot" (flight Irkutsk - Moscow ) and "Ural airlines" (flight Irkutsk - Moscow).

According to experts, the fog is so dense that the fulfillment of all detainees flights had to shift to 2 hours, which in turn will bring a lot of inconvenience to hundreds of passengers, however, due to lack of ability to conduct combat fog, namely the delay of flights is the only way in the current situation.


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