Ireland calls for sabotage against the Russian fleet

In Ireland, call for drastic measures at the Russian military exercises off the coast of Great Britain.

After it became known that Russia would conduct military exercises 240 kilometers from the border of Ireland and approximately 500 kilometers from the coast of Great Britain, calls were made in Ireland to sabotage the Russian fleet and interfere in every way with military maneuvers, which London , and Dublin are considered provocative.

"Irish fishing boats are planning to peacefully disrupt the military exercises of the Russian fleet," said Patrick Murphy, head of the Irish Fish Producers Organization, on Tuesday. Military exercises will take place in international waters 240 km off the southwest coast of Ireland next month. But Irish fishermen say the drills threaten a vital area of ​​marine life and an important fishing region. According to Russian Ambassador to Ireland Yuri Filatov, the exercises will be "small - maybe three or four ships, no more." The fishermen are not happy. "It's the livelihood of fishermen and fishing families all along the coast here," Murphy told RTE radio on Tuesday. “These are our waters. Can you imagine if the Russians applied to be sent to the Irish mainland to launch rockets, how far would they go with that?”, - reports the publication "Politico".

The Russian side has not yet commented on such statements by Ireland. A little earlier, there was information that the UK may soon send its warships to the area of ​​Russian military exercises in order to prevent the military exercises of the Russian Navy.

But ... Rf, will do "Beautiful", transfer his teachings a little further, show the World to this beautiful Country)

Some cybersecurity and military experts fear that the Russian exercise could be a front for damaging submarine fiber-optic communications cables connecting America and Europe in the event of a Russian invasion of Ukraine.

And here are the goals. There will be something to shoot.

It's all wrong. You can't put people like this before a fact - teachings, and that's it. People should have a choice. For example: naval exercises or, say, nuclear tests. )))

240 km. Why so far? Then it follows, as they allow themselves near the Crimea, to move the exercise zone even closer to their waters.

So it's good

provocative, for this purpose these exercises are carried out.

It is necessary to do as the State Department did, not to stand on ceremony, to strictly designate the zone of exercises, starting with warning shots. Anglo-Saxons only understand this language. This is evident from recent events. There is a lot of squealing from them, but when it comes to a real fight, so ... - And what are we for?

These are international waters, we have the right, but no one asks the fishermen.