In Italy, they were scared for the F-35 placed at the Russian borders, because of the unexpected strikes of the Russian MiG-35

The Italian military is worried about their F-35s because of the unique features of the Russian MiG-35.

Despite the fact that a relatively small number of MiG-35 fighters are currently in service with the Russian Aerospace Forces, Italy began to worry about the fifth generation F-35 fighters deployed in Estonia today. The latter, as it turned out, are vulnerable to the unique weapons of the Russian MiG-35, and the appearance of this combat aircraft next to the fighters of the Italian Air Force should be expected at almost any moment.

As noted by the Italian military, a key feature of the Russian MiG-35 is that this combat aircraft is equipped with a passive electronic scanning radar, which allows it to bypass the work of enemy electronic suppression systems, and, thus, attacks by a Russian combat aircraft can be very effective. Moreover, in Italy it is believed that today the Russian MiG-35 fighter is superior to any combat aircraft in service with European countries, although, in fact, we are talking about a light fighter.

“The MiG-35 is equipped with a passive electronic scanning radar capable of countering electronic countermeasures. This is one of the main advantages of the Russian fighter. He is capable of hitting four targets at once. Also, the onboard electronics has been improved and the possibility of refueling in the air allows the MiG-35 to be much higher in combat range than that of the MiG-29. "- said the Italian military expert Maurizio Sparacin.

An alliance between Italy and Estonia in the Air Force? This is a tremendous joke!

The Mig35 is equipped with an AFAR, active, phased, antenna, array.

Something is not at all what is written in this article. On the contrary, on the MiG-35, an onboard radar with AFAR "Zhuk-MAE" is installed, and not the old radar with PFAR. So don't mislead your readers and change or edit this article. In the original article by this Italian expert and military columnist Mauricio Sparacino from Analisi Difesa, published on the site of the same name, it is written exactly as I wrote above.