VIM-Avia Airline


In July, VIM-Avia became the most unpunctual air carrier in Russia

Airline "VIM-Avia", In July became the most non-punctual Russian air carrier.

According to information available from's aviation portal, from 1136 flights completed in July, 199 of them were delayed for various reasons, which makes up 14,9% of the total number of departures made. The reasons for the delays are very different, and, for the most part, they are directly related to the actions of the air carrier itself.

The second highest number of delayed flights is the Russian airline "IrAero"Which committed 1132 of departures delayed flight 151 (13,3%). The causes and circumstances of the delays are also very different, but above all, they are connected with the punctuality of the air carrier.

At the third position of Russian airlines in terms of the number of flights delayed in July is the airline operatorYakutia”, Which of the perfect 1311 flights, late sent 146 (11,1%).

The lowest number of delays was observed in the airline "KogalymAvia", which sent with delay only one passenger flight.


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