Attacks against Syria


In Israel, made a blow to the Russian military in Syria

Israel is seriously concerned about the war with Russia.

The Israeli television channel 9TV published an article on its official website, which contains serious concerns about the reality of the military conflict with Russia. According to journalists, the war in the Middle East, when the interests of Israel and Russia clash, will be inevitable, while it may well turn into World War III.

“A multi-thousand Russian contingent is stationed in Syria, which could be under attack [of Israel]. If this happens, and the Russians respond, further developments will become unpredictable. And if Washington gets involved in a mess, the threat of nuclear war will become a reality ”- reports the publication, referring to the opinion of expert Michael Peck.

It is noteworthy that Israel allows attacks on the Russian military in Syria, but it’s clear that Russia can really respond to such actions of Israel with its own blow.

“As long as Israel warns Russia about the upcoming attacks on Syria, this prevents the conflict, but as the case with IL-20 has shown, the situation may change at once, and then the consequences will be very grave”- sums up the expert of The National Interest.

A recent acquaintance came from Israel, and he says - a couple of Syrian missiles still reached Israel. The Jews are all crap one's pants and there was a strong smell of shit throughout the territory. Jews howled from Erdogan for sending his Muslims to the government of Israel. The Middle East began to jam the Jews, who already got the whole world.

right that is not afraid. Il shot down people died, and in response to the contract, friendship. Why are Russians afraid, they will not answer.

Here once again proves the saying ... "Do not do good .... there will be no evil ...", otherwise there is no way to explain the assessment of the contribution of the USSR to Russia, in the formation of the state of Israel ... But let them try it in practice ..., it will probably be their end as a state ....

Allah himself called for punishing Israel, for all the good things that they have done with Russia, starting with the 1915 year.

no, no pity, absolutely.

It's a pity, but Israel in this case will simply cease to exist. Physically.

If only I could have written the name of the state correctly, the daughters.

I heard that in the Ministry of Defense of Russia they decided to rename the DAGGER INTO THUNDERING and LIGHTNING. And what unless the Promised lightning does not happen, the thunder does not thunder?

Israel is a terrorist state that must be destroyed!

Jews still have to answer for the downed aircraft. Vile and out of the sack down. Jew's tribe.

Michael is not beautiful to invent or write nonsense.)))

Cut Jude and East calm down ...

Israel loves to give unanswered blows to its weaker neighbors. But as soon as the rockets begin to fall on Israel itself, a hysterics on the topic happens in the Israeli press - but what about us ?! For the same, dear Jews, for the same.

Yes, nothing will come from our side (unless some brave commander answers) our government will express “deep regret about what has happened ,,. Downed Su - 24, killed ambassador, downed IL - 20, destruction of Wagnerovans bright confirmation of my words