Israel reacted angrily to the appearance of Russian fighters and bombers near its borders

Israel has criticized Russia for flying combat aircraft near the Golan Heights.

After a few days ago, Russian Su-35 fighters, Su-34 fighter-bombers and an AWACS aircraft escorted by Syrian Air Force fighters flew near the Golan Heights (the territory of Syria occupied by Israel - ed.), in Israel expressed dissatisfaction on this score, threatening a serious response and consequences.

Israel said that Moscow violated the agreements between Israel and Russia on Syria by not notifying about the upcoming mission, stressing that a tough response could be given to this. Moreover, the IDF believes that the Russian AWACS aircraft could collect data on the deployment of Israeli air defense / missile defense systems in the Golan Heights and in another part of Israel, which can be transferred to Iran.

“These Russian-Syrian patrol flights have three main goals: to limit the freedom of action of the US and Israeli air forces in Syrian airspace - the operation of patrolling Russian and Syrian fighters in Syrian airspace will indefinitely limit the time during which American and Israeli aircraft can fly over Syria collect, with the help of the Russian A-50 reconnaissance aircraft, intelligence materials about the Israeli military in the Golan Heights and about the US military in eastern and northern Syria; to give such an action - the Russian answer to the Syrians, why they do not use S-300 and S-400 missiles against Israeli aircraft attacking Syria. Our sources also note that Moscow did not notify Israel or the Israeli Air Force of this development in advance through a joint mechanism between the two countries to coordinate flights over Syria., - informs the Debka edition.

Experts note that such flights can become regular. At the same time, fighter jets of the Russian Aerospace Forces can also take part in such missions as a means of countering Israeli aggression.

Great quote, just change the names of the countries ...
"(the territory of Ukraine occupied by Russia - ed.), Russia expressed dissatisfaction with this, threatening a serious response and consequences."
Does this remind me of something, or is this something completely different?

Masterpiece !!!
The whole essence of Russia in one comment.
I'll take it into a collection of quotes, with your permission.

And what are the military of the most "democratic" country in the world doing in Syria. Someone invited them there. If not for Russia, Syria would have been waiting for the fate of Iraq, Libya and Yugoslavia, where they ran into with their vassals without an invitation. So the Israelis needlessly worry not only about themselves but also the United States.

What's your business?

Right. Impunity allows Israel to become even more impudent. No one gave Israel the right to violate the sovereignty of Syria and bomb its territory, an ally of Russia.

Well, they flew and that's enough, you need to know the measure.

No one in Israel reacted angrily. They can fly along the border as much as they like. But to cross it NO! Neither!

Don't give a damn about Israeli concerns and hint that your entire country, out of our grace, still exists.

The iron dome was embarrassed even in front of the Palestinian partisans, where to shoot down air targets.

Russia itself provokes NATO by its inaction at its borders As soon as the plane that violated our border is landed on our airfield. It was dismantled to the screw, the wings were removed from it and the pilot was sitting in jail. After 6 months you can give out a plane without wings to NATO and a pilot after .....

Can be given a tough answer - fly over the Crimea?

able to shoot down air targets.