Israel called Russian Su-35 defenseless against Israeli F-35i

Israel decided to ridicule Russian Su-35 fighters.

According to several sources, domestic fighters of the 4 ++ Su-35 generation, which Egypt is currently buying, were ridiculed by Israel, which is the main potential enemy of this country. According to Israeli experts, Egypt’s purchase of Russian combat aircraft is useless, not only in relation to Israel, but also in relation to the entire region.

“On one of the Israeli television channels, a whole stream of statements was made, the essence of which can be reduced to the fact that the Egyptian government did a very strange thing by purchasing planes from Russians that are not even equipped with invisibility technologies, which makes them completely defenseless against modern military equipment of the West. At the same time, between the lines it was easy to read the hint that if Egypt had bought, for example, Israeli F-35i aircraft, they would have won, since these fighters made in Israel are head and shoulders superior to aircraft made in Russia "- сообщает “Zen” - the “Armory Club” channel.

Such a statement was rather unexpected from Israel, whose military pilots several times already encountered pilots on the Su-35 flying from the Khmeimim air base in order to intercept Israeli combat aircraft.

“Perhaps Israel forgot to mention how“ useless aircraft ”was easily“ made ”by Israeli fighters, and was several times seen behind the interception of American F-35s and F-22s, which Israeli F-35i do not even reach? Israel is afraid of the Russian Su-35 as a fire, and such statements by the Israeli media are nothing more than a provocation ”, - the expert marks.

and who has combat experience? Jews? Do you think to launch missiles without entering the space of a neighboring country is a combat experience?

And Israel, when was the last time someone was doing it, especially on the F-35? However. why tell bot.

Well, well, two fall in a week.

On April 9, 2019 at 19:30, the F-35A aircraft, owned by the 302nd squadron of the Japanese Self-Defense Forces, crashed over the Pacific Ocean. The accident occurred 135 km east of the Misawa base during a training flight. The pilot of the F-35A, 41-year-old Major Akinomi Hosomi, died.

True, Japanese Defense Minister Takeshi Iwai "otmazat" F-35, saying that the technical characteristics of the aircraft have nothing to do with the accident, and the reason for the tragedy is the loss of orientation by Major Akinomi Hosomi during the flight. Why suddenly an experienced Japanese pilot "lost orientation" in flight, did not explain.

Meanwhile, six months before the F-35A crash in Japan, on September 28, 2018, the F-35B fighter, belonging to the 501st training squadron of the US Marine Corps air assault fighter aircraft, fell 8 km west of the Beaufort base at South Carolina. The pilot managed to catapult and escape. CBS News then called the accident the first crash incident in the F-35 fighter family.

Before the fall in South Carolina, incidents with the F-35, although they did occur, did not lead to falls. So, repeatedly there were fires, but pilots managed to make emergency landings. The first such incident occurred on June 23, 2014 with an F-35A assigned to the 58th fighter squadron of the US Air Force. The plane took off from the Eglin base in Florida, but his engine caught fire. The pilot managed to interrupt the flight and leave the car, but the damage caused by the fire was so significant that the plane had to be decommissioned.

Another fire occurred on October 27, 2016 with the F-35B aircraft of the 501st training squadron of marine attack fighter aircraft of the US Marine Corps from the Beaufort base. They managed to land the plane, no one was hurt, but the damage was also so impressive that the F-35B was decommissioned.

the main fights taking place in the sky do not take anyone off and they are dialed up to three or five per day! with or without rockets. our borders are constantly checked for lice!
if our planes were actually so bad then no one would turn away at one sight! and the experience of our pilots is very large and this is recognized by all countries that have an air fleet!

this is an ordinary PR! Israel just wants to sell for more until their deception has become apparent!

The argument about the invisibility of the F-35 and Su-35 aircraft kills me. You are specialist locators, so for those who are not experts in the field of location. There are simply no invisible aircraft. All are location-visible, and the rest depends on those who are sitting at the controls of an airplane and behind the radar screen.

and where f-35 participated. and how many have already fallen without fighting

Did Israeli pilots take part in battles? Do they have combat experience? Where tell me. The technology of invisibility works only until the launch of the first rocket, the first and the second current means of radar pose a big and bold question on invisibility technologies

What the Israelis added to the F-35 - no one except them knows. But Lockheed Martin officials said that with Israeli refinement, the plane turned into a monster.
For some reason, I believe the Israelis more.

And what did we pay the Jews to advertise our Dryers?

First: planes are not available in Israel. From the word at all. What they added to the F-35 is unclear, most likely something from the avionics.
Second: SU-35 has methods and means of reducing ESR.
Third: our planes do not rot and do not fall apart in the air, like the F-35.
Fourth: one F-35 was already damaged by a missile of the S-200 complex ...

If Russia had bad aircraft, it would have been torn apart for a long time .. In the nineties it didn’t work, it remained a little, now it’s only licked. Thanks to Putin for this, so fasten it with your teeth. You can break it off.

I want to remind some Jews of a couple of Russian proverbs. Don't say gop until you jump over. This is the first. And here is the second one. He laughs well, who laughs without consequences!))) They completely forgot how their destroyer was sunk by Soviet weapons, and how Soviet military specialists shot down their phantoms in Egypt with air defense means?)))

And what is wrong? Israel is right. There are no invisibility technologies. By the way, our pilots also have no experience in air battles. In real battles, the Su-35 did not participate, so where is Su who was doing it, it is not clear.