Israel called the Russian Su-57 fighter "good only for parades" and "useless for fighting"

Israel called the Russian fighter useless for battle and good only for parades.

Israeli information resource "9tv", citing analysts, unexpectedly said that the fifth-generation Russian fighter Su-57 is completely useless for air combat, and is only good for parades, although more recently, Israeli media reported a series of interceptions of Israeli military aircraft by Russian fighters 4 ++ Su-35, at that time how the Su-57 is significantly superior to the latter in speed, maneuverability, and armament.

As the journalists of the Israeli news media note, the fifth-generation Russian fighter has not yet demonstrated its ability to strike at ground targets or to dominate in the air, against which, obviously, it was concluded that the combat aircraft did not suitable for battles, and since the latter was shown only during festive events, in Israel the Russian aircraft was dubbed the "front fighter."

At the same time, it is necessary to pay attention to the fact that Israeli journalists judge solely by the estimates of other experts, who, in turn, make unsubstantiated conclusions, since the real characteristics and capabilities of Russian fifth-generation combat aircraft have not been revealed.

It’s good that they underestimate us.

The logical problem is to argue that the machine is not combat-ready on the basis that it has never participated in battles ...

Experts are also different and come from different countries!

When the eyes see, and the tooth is numb, the grapes are declared green. :)) What is the Su-57 in fact, the Israelis will see by the example of his hunt for their aircraft.

Yes calm down. The Israelis are provocateurs, they need to know the characteristics of the Su-57, but hrenushki, it does not work. So they are looking for talkers from knowledgeable, and suddenly.

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As soon as the Jewish air defenses could not detect su 57 in Syria, then immediately this aircraft was worthless no matter what.

There is no such Su-59 aircraft))

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This is from the desire to find out his true capabilities, which are hidden from a potential adversary. They expect that suddenly Russia will arrange demonstrations of all the combat capabilities of the latest fighter. It’s ridiculous.

I offer once at a time Su-59 vs shit F-35

Oh, I beg you, there is no need for telepathy. Who knows what parameters he has there. Or did Mossad begin to penetrate the future?