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Israel panic over mysterious Russian weapons attacking Israeli fighters

In Israel, they still do not know what weapons hit Israeli planes.

The incident on November 24, almost immediately after the Israeli fighter jets attacked Syria, seriously puzzled the IDF. As it turned out, the onboard systems of the Israeli Air Force fighters were remotely disabled. We are not talking about a technical failure, since only aircraft flying over the central part of Israel were under attack, and today only Russian weapons are capable of this, which, according to various sources, could be transferred to the Syrian army.

At the moment, it is known that the onboard systems of the F-15 and F-16 fighters of the Israeli Air Force were subjected to external interference. In particular, we are talking about a malfunction in the global positioning systems. Moreover, unlike most similar cases, to which the IDF are already accustomed, this time the changes were associated with an artificial increase in the flight altitude of the aircraft. As a result, one of the fighters nearly crashed, and the flights of all fighters were stopped.

At the moment, all training flights of Israeli Air Force fighters are still stopped. The key is that when maneuvering at low altitude, the pilot can simply crash into a mountain or collide with the ground - the emergency warning systems also do not work.

Among other things, Israel's military operations are also under threat, since the operation of cruise missile guidance systems is also disrupted.

This is just the beginning.

It is necessary to immediately resolve the issue of a "noise-resistant" global positioning system (..am) in addition to the traditional ANN correction systems.

a strange story, in fact, gPS should not be used at low altitudes due to signal re-reflection and interference on the ground.

can everything be simpler? And it was just a local glitch in the GPS system?
I would like to remind you about the death of de Margery in Vnukovo, when his plane collided with a snowplow, which was controlled by GPS data and ended up on the runway (I don’t want to think that it was a sabotage, but the failure is possible).

How are radio waves related to the variometer ????

Most likely, drunken passengers climbed into the cockpit shouting - let me steer.))

Don't be fake, it was just a flight accident, and the IDF does not consider the involvement of third parties at all.

The pilot did not notice the fall in height. And then he taxied. If it were Russian electronic warfare, it would be with other aircraft. And that was with only one. There is no need to exaggerate the capacity of the Syrian army.

And Haifa thought: "The teachings are going on ..."

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The plane of the Polish President did not yet have flight and navigation equipment related to satellite data. Pilot error.


You think what you are writing, read the dispatcher's negotiations with the pilot, he immediately suggested that he leave for an alternate airfield due to low clouds !!!

The plane of the Polish president was ditched by this system. It looks like a confession.