Hitting the ship


Israel threatened the Russian Black Sea Fleet with missile strikes

Israel showed the destruction of a Russian warship with its cruise missile.

Against the background of new tensions in relations between Russia and Israel over the situation in Syria, the Israeli company "Rafael", specializing in the development of various types of weapons, published a video showing the destruction of a Russian warship, which is part of the Black Sea Fleet of the Russian Navy.

In the video footage presented, you can see how the fifth generation Sea Breaker missiles, designed just to destroy such targets, fly at low altitude and successfully hit a ship of the Black Sea Fleet of the Russian Navy. According to analysts, we are talking about the R-71 "Shuya" missile boat, although the Israeli military decided to play it safe and removed the side number of the Russian warship from the video.

According to experts, such actions on the part of Israel will certainly lead to a response from Russia, especially since this is not the first time that an Israeli military company has used Russian weapons as its targets.

So far, no official comments have been made by the Israeli company Rafael.

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How about electromagnetic interference, a canopy, a canopy without any radio, laser, satellite signals, a dark pit for all guidance systems where this rocket will fly?

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Yes, rather, the coastal strip of land will turn out to be the seabed, even without the intervention of Russia!

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NO VADIM, after such actions there will certainly be a response, but on a military base or equipment, but Lebanon may have something more interesting than the Kornet ATGM.
I would like to believe that this is an inept and incorrect presentation of the "Rafael" company. There are many of our former compatriots in Israel who continue to communicate and think in Russian and they are not enemies of Russia.

after such an action, Israel will be left with a hole a hundred kilometers wide and a kilometer deep.

The ship to be struck by the missile is an exact copy of the Soviet Project 12411 missile boat developed in 1973-1974. That is, together with the outline of the strait, honey with an "island" and land (reminiscent of the Kerch Strait) is quite acceptable. as the "Russian side".
It's not good to quarrel people ... even for the sake of selling a new rocket ...))

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This footage is fake. As always, Armenians try to kindle the flames of war between states.

As far as we know, the tanks "Merkava Mk2" were recently shot down either in Palestine or in Lebanon, is not the point. The main thing is not the newest thing that the unknown Arab units used. But Russia for the crew of its ship can make a volitional decision in response.
Why would the interests of Israel be extrapolated to the interests of Russia by the "Rafael" company and sow hostility?

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