Israel threatened the Russian military in Syria for supporting Assad

Israel has turned its attention from Iran and Syria to the Russian military in the Arab republic.

The IDF command expressed extreme dissatisfaction with the fact that Russia is providing Syria and Iran with its assistance, and threatened the Russian military to take serious measures if it tried to counter Israeli operations. Such threats cause very serious concern, since Russia is ready to demonstrate its potential to Israel in case of the slightest danger to its military.

“The IDF commander threatened in an interview on the 19th that Israel would no longer tolerate the Assad regime. This statement is not only directed against Damascus and Tehran, but certainly should include resentment over Russia's strong support for the Assad government. Currently, Russia has received long-term (almost unlimited) rights to use the port of Tartus and the Khmeimim airbase in Syria. While Russian air defense missiles still have not responded to Israeli air strikes on November 18, there is no doubt that the return of Russian naval forces and aircraft to the Mediterranean has had a strategic impact on the geostrategic landscape of the Middle East. As for the Syrian issue, if Israel does whatever it wants, regardless of Russia's feelings and strategic interests, it will inevitably pay the corresponding price in the foreseeable future. ", - about it сообщает information publication "Sina".

According to experts, such hasty threats against Russia obviously do not lead to normalization of the situation in the region, but Russia is ready to teach Israel a lesson if necessary.

“Mr. Netanyahu apparently forgot how he shook after the Russian military plane was shot down due to Israeli actions? If necessary, Russia can even make it so that not a single Israeli fighter will advance beyond the airspace of its country - obviously in Lebanon they will be glad if Russia offers to protect their country's airspace from drones and fighters ", - the analyst underlines.

At the moment, Russia has not made any official statements on this matter.

Thanks you. And then I read the article and think what nonsense ...

And why too far, the Caspian flotilla is enough - it will go so far, right up to the Golan Heights. study the mathematical part, Nathan-chik.

And you try, attack the Israeli Army. And then we'll see who is who. Or do you mean that the Russian army will attack Israel? I hesitate, however. There is no reason, and the rear is far away. And why and for what. That is the question?

Oh you. And about the C300, which will show Kuzkin's mother 100500 times, why did he not mention it !? )))))

Jews beat Russians more than once.
They can repeat. Moreover, the army of this country is one head stronger than the Russian one!

The destruction of the Syrian air defense regiment (!!!) by the Israelis took place in some kind of alternative reality. And on Earth, the Israelis have not been flying into Syrian airspace for many years, limiting themselves to small attacks from afar. In general, Israel is a small state with a hypertrophied air force, mediocre air defense and a weak ground army. In a collision with a country capable of accurately attacking Israeli air bases and having an air defense system, he will simply lose his armed forces. Now is not the 60s of the last century.

What other AN-26? The one on September 5, 2020, fell near the city of Chuguev (Ukraine). I am sure that Putin regrets people, like everyone else, but does not "shake", that's for sure

It's funny when terrorists are outraged that they are prevented from organizing terrorist attacks in a foreign country!
Some kind of surrealism!

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Well, I would be afraid of the Israelis ... After they destroyed 51 Syrian air defense regiment with our vaunted inflated PANTSIRS, and overdressed ES 300. Who behave like disabled people in Syria (I respect people with disabilities themselves). Because of such weakness to answer, our equipment manufacturers are losing billions.

The task is, by any means, to play off Russia with Israel in Syria, where their actions are based on a certain understanding. From here, anonymous journalists write about Israel's statements that do not have any official confirmation. They write, referring again to anonymous sources. On behalf of supposedly experts, who, again, have no names. By the way, there are no official responses from Russia, since there were no such statements by Israel.
The shameful act of lies continues ...

If they were sure, they would have answered long ago. But not everything is so simple as "the analyst emphasizes."

Do not share a link to the interview. Or, at least, an article by the Chinese agency Sina.

The dog barks, the caravan goes on.

Not Netanyahu was shaking for the shot down An-26, but Putin from his impotence.