Shot down a drone


Israel says drones destroyed over Syria were Iranian

Israel decided to blame for the failed drone attacks on Iran.

Despite the fact that the Syrian military confirmed the identity of one of the destroyed and two captured drones to Israel, Tel Aviv completely rejected their involvement in this, referring to the fact that we are talking about Iranian drones that tried to attack the positions of the Israeli Defense Forces in the Golan heights (the territory of Syria occupied by Israel - approx. ed.).

Experts, in turn, doubted the Israeli statement, stressing that such drones more than likely could not even climb to the Golan Heights, not to mention attacking the positions of the Israeli military. Moreover, the similar construction and principle of drones to those used to attack Hezbollah members indicates the fact that these drones are more than likely belong to Israel, especially since the information on their affiliation is confirmed by the Syrian military and state media in Syria.

“Obviously, after the powerful pressure of Russia, Israel decided to act more stealthily using the same compact drones. One Israeli reconnaissance drones was already successfully destroyed over Jaramana, two more were added to it. This is a direct warning to Tel Aviv that Israeli planes are expecting the same. ”, - the expert marks.