Submarine and tanker


Russian submarines with Kalibr missiles spotted escorting Iranian ships

Israel announced Russian submarines accompanying Iranian ships off the coast of Syria and Israel.

Israeli military sources reported that Russian submarines are providing security for Iranian tankers crossing the Mediterranean Sea. Previously, it was assumed that the escort of Iranian ships is carried out only by Russian warships, however, according to Israeli military sources, in addition to the fact that the Russian military is protecting Iranian ships on the water, Russia also provides this under water.

"Sources in the Israeli Defense Ministry said the Russian fleet protects merchant ships bound for Syria" not only over water, but also under water. " Israeli intelligence said oil was not the only cargo on board. While it is clear that 90% of Iranian oil tankers are armed, the Israeli government must admit that they are almost helpless in blocking the sea route from Iran to Syria due to Russia's careful guarding of Iranian interests in the region. The Iranian expert said that the latest Russian frigates, patrol boats and submarines equipped with Kalibr cruise missiles can hit targets in the Mediterranean and the Middle East. Israel is afraid of this and does not dare to "move" when Russia protects Iranian transports ", - reports the publication "Soha".

According to the latest satellite images, today there are two Russian submarines armed with Kalibr cruise missiles off the coast of Syria, however, it is obvious that the number of such can be much larger, and open aggression against Iranian ships could allow Russia to retaliate. since Israel does not report its intentions to attack Iranian ships.


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