A huge convoy of military equipment was destroyed in Kamyshevakh

A huge convoy of military equipment was destroyed in the Kamyshevakhi area.

A few hours ago, a large convoy of military equipment was destroyed near the settlement of Kamyshevakh. Judging by the video footage presented from the drone, the convoy of military equipment was ambushed and covered by artillery fire - at least 10 units of military equipment were destroyed.

In the video, you can see how a column of military equipment came under artillery attack and was completely destroyed. Judging by the traces of explosions, the strikes were carried out by large-caliber artillery, however, there are no details on this yet.

It is impossible to assess the type and ownership of military equipment on the video, however, sources report the destruction of army trucks, several tanks and light armored vehicles - only the lead vehicle of the destroyed column and the trailing one did not suffer from critical damage. However, judging by the fact that both vehicles are in place, they also failed to quickly leave the attack zone. According to other sources, the convoy consisted mainly of army trucks transporting personnel and ammunition.

Due to the absence of any official comments, it is not yet possible to objectively assess the situation in the Kamyshevakhi area.