Hydroplane Canada


In Canada the light seaplane crashed

In the north of Canada's small-engine plane crashed with six passengers on board.

Special detachments have already been sent to the scene of the plane crash, however, according to Avia.pro news agency, to the present moment the search for the crash site has not been successful. The presumed place of the seaplane disaster is at 500-600 kilometers from Montreal, while, according to reports, shortly before the incident, the pilot got in touch with the air traffic controller and reported on the emerged technical failures, the nature of which the official services do not disclose.

It is known that the plane carried a sightseeing flight, while on board could be citizens of other countries - according to some sources are residents of the United States and Germany, but officially this information commented on was not because the plane belonged to a private person, and determine the composition of passengers the current time is not possible.

According to the first assumptions, the cause of the incident could be the refusal of the aircraft engine.