Explosion in the Capitol


The Capitol is in smoke, a general evacuation has been announced

An unidentified emergency occurred in the Capitol, smoke from the fire is visible for several kilometers.

A few minutes ago, a strange incident occurred in the Capitol building - a column of smoke was seen over the US Congress building. A few minutes later, local media reported on the general evacuation of the people who were there from the building - according to preliminary data, it could be a terrorist act.

The first footage from the event was at the disposal of the news agency Avia.pro. Plumes of smoke can be seen rising above the building, with FBI sources reporting to local media about an unknown external threat.

It should be noted that witnesses to the incident both talk about the "pop" that happened and deny this information, however, judging by the amount of smoke rising over the US Congress building, a powerful fire began in the Capitol, as evidenced by the large number of fire trucks heading for entering the building.

Currently, there are no details of what happened, however, by now, combat helicopters are circling over the building of the US Congress, which probably really indicates a terrorist act or an attack on the building of Congress with unknown motives.

There are no official comments from Washington and the US Department of Defense on this matter.

Everything new is well forgotten old ...

- In Honduras collapse
And decay
The country is in collapse.

- Honduras is on fire,
Honduras on fire ...

Doesn't this look like anything? For example, the burning of the Reichstag in 1933 ... Then this incident, specially planned by Hitler's supporters, became the reason for the Nazis to restrict the civil rights and freedoms of the German population and the beginning of the repressions against German communists and social democrats. In the United States, this is the fate of the Trumpists and all those who disagree with the Democrats.
God grant that this turns out to be just an accidental fire.