Night shelling


Russian military attacked in Karabakh

The positions of the Russian military in Karabakh were attacked by the Azerbaijani army.

After a day ago, the territory of Karabakh was subjected to new shelling from the Azerbaijani military, it became known that the Russian military had also been attacked in this area. Thus, according to information available to the information resource, the positions of the border service of the FSB of Russia located in the Zangilan region of the Azerbaijani-Armenian border were fired upon by the Azerbaijani military. It is known that the victims were avoided, however, experts draw attention to the fact that this is the first attack on the Russian military, and it is noteworthy that the incident occurred after the President of Azerbaijan Ilham Aliyev began to threaten Russia from behind, according to the Azeri media, attempts to launch missile strikes on Baku with the use of Iskander-M OTRK.

"Units of the state border service located in the village of Seyidlyar of the Zangilan region of the Azerbaijani-Armenian border, as well as the positions of the border service of the FSB of Russia, located in this area, were fired upon."- said in the message.

The situation in this regard is very confusing, since, according to the Azerbaijani side, there was no shelling, while the Russian side, reportedly, turned to the Azerbaijani army at all, asking not to react to the shelling.

It should be noted that this is the first serious incident in the region since the end of the armed conflict in Karabakh.


Iskander does not scare them, they are sold easily, Osmanbrat himself said personally ...

The check showed that the Azerbaijani military were under the influence of drugs. For such "warriors" it does not matter who to shoot

It is at least shameful to write such things: fire was opened from the Armenian side, and the Russian peacekeepers asked the Azerbaijani army not to open fire. The Armenians who allegedly opened fire are drunk, how long will the Armenians run the Russian publishing house?

Didn't want to believe Strelkov's predictions - get the evidence. The reaction of the Russian Armed Forces resembles an officer's widow that she whipped herself ...

Information from Obs. Don't broadcast fakes.

what nonsense? the shooting was carried out from the direction of Armenia. They shot at the border guards of Azerbaijan and the FSB of Russia. Later, the FSB of Russia contacted the Border Guards of Azerbaijan so that they did not open fire, and the fire was introduced by drunken Armenian soldiers, who were later removed from the territory by the troops of the FSB of Russia

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