Sheremetyevo disaster


Crew Video guilty in SSJ-100 crash

Published video footage proving the guilt of the crew of the crashed SSJ-100.

This afternoon, unique video frames appeared that captured the last moments of the flight of a passenger airliner SSJ-100 crashed at Moscow's Sheremetyevo Airport. They can be seen that the culprit of the tragedy is the crew of the aircraft, which made a series of errors during landing.

On the presented Videos You can see that the approach angle and the speed of a passenger airliner did not play a key role in the crash that occurred - after the first two strikes on the surface of the runway, the plane could still be saved by lifting it into the air and sending it to the second round, but the chaotic control aircraft led to an even greater impact, which caused the ignition of engines.

According to experts, the current video clearly demonstrates the low qualifications of the crew, who, in fact, lost control of the aircraft.

Among other things, it became known earlier that the crew of the crashed plane made a number of serious mistakes that could well affect the victims among the passengers - the engines left open and the cockpit window open, which contributed to the rapid spread of the flame in excess oxygen.

That's not true! Stop lying ... After two blows, the plane lost speed and it was impossible to lift it. Failed landing. Too was a heavy aircraft when entering and too strong was a rebound at the first moment of contact.



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