In Kazakhstan, part of the security forces and military went over to the side of the protesters

Kazakhstani security forces began to go over to the side of the protesters.

Against the background of mass protests that erupted throughout Kazakhstan, information appeared that the security forces and part of the military were dissatisfied with the policies of the existing authorities and began to go over to the side of the protesters. This is evidenced by the corresponding video frames made in various cities of Kazakhstan. This indicates a high likelihood of a coup d'etat in the country and a violent seizure of power.

In the video presented, you can see that the security forces refused to use physical force against the protesters. At the same time, according to users of social networks, some of the security forces voluntarily sided with the protesters, refusing to follow orders to suppress aggressive citizens. By the way, this may well be opposition propaganda. Moreover, there is unconfirmed information that a similar situation is observed among the military personnel - the latter allegedly expressed dissatisfaction with the use of firearms against the protesters.

It is noteworthy that in addition to going over to the side of the protesters, the security forces also released several dozen previously detained.

Clashes in Kazakhstan have been going on for several hours. At the same time, experts call the situation critical, since almost the entire country was paralyzed by the protests.

Here's another start to the Orange Revolution

These are those who have not lost touch with the people.

all who wanted impunity got it. this is scary.

This will be the case with everyone who plays tricks with the North American colonialists. "When you dance with the devil, you have to listen to music" (c)



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