Several thousand terrorists broke through checkpoints in Kazakhstan

Thousands of militants managed to escape throughout Kazakhstan.

The rapid withdrawal of the CSTO forces from Kazakhstan, initiated by the country's President Kassym-Jomart Tokayev, may turn out to be a very ill-advised step. As it became known, most of the detained and liquidated participants in the coup attempt are ordinary radicals, while the vast majority of terrorists are still located throughout the country - the militants managed to break through numerous checkpoints and the likelihood of an attack on military units and strategically important objects of Kazakhstan remains extremely high. Data on this subject is provided by Russian journalists Semyon Pegov.

“Riding in Kazakhstan by car has now become very dangerous, you can meet one of the criminal and (or) “jihadist” gangs squeezed out of Kazakh cities by Kazakh security forces. In the steppes, you can also come across the security forces themselves, meeting with whom, also in a situation of uncertainty and suspicion, can be very unpleasant., - reports Russian journalist Semyon Pegov.

Earlier, the President of Kazakhstan, Kassym-Jomart Tokayev, said that about 20 terrorists took part in an attempt to stage a coup d'état in the country. This could mean that there could still be thousands of militants throughout Kazakhstan, not to mention the possibility of new terrorist forces infiltrating the country.

“The problem of eliminating the army of thousands of terrorists is not solved in a few days. It is likely that large detachments of militants are still on the territory of Kazakhstan, and therefore the risks of attacks on cities, towns, military and strategic facilities remain very high., - notes the analyst


So far, from media reports, it is impossible to understand how many of whom were participants in the rebellion. And in general, I consider it premature to engage in a squabble before a clear complete picture of the event has appeared.

We have heard these stories before. Tokaev will sooner or later be convicted as a murderer.

You misunderstand what people are. The people of Kazakhstan just did not support the coup. Those who went to the squares were divided into at least three groups: 1. People drugged by the State Department propaganda, offended by the authorities, illiterate, hooligans, deprived businessmen, various groups of parties and oligarchs, etc. 2. Terrorists of various stripes. 3. Curious people come to see. But the people themselves, an adequate part of the population remained at home and this is 95% of the population. So you are wrong that the people came out to seize power.

No need to boil the Russian corrupt media.

Exactly. Note: at the same time they robbed themselves and set fire to their cars.

A black rooster crowed at 5 o'clock in the morning.

A lie about 20 terrorists, repeated a thousand times, becomes true

Yes, everything was there, there were 120000.

Let Wai be good to you.

And the author is a descendant of Aldar Kose.

Folk? Do people have Kalash and explosives in their stash?

But what about the concept of "red terror"? The Bolsheviks called themselves terrorists

It was the request of Kamel Zhanaevich, and now Kasym-Zhomartovich will ask.

Russia hastened to withdraw for the sake of the "world community," so that once again they would not be accused of occupation. And this is also a trick of the West. The militants and terrorists will gain experience, replenish their ranks, receive the necessary instructions from outside, because the camps in the mountains remain. We'll have to enter the contingent again losing prestige and expensive.

I think the gangs will gain strength. And they will wait for the command for further action.

Is it strange that the Kazakh people are terrorists, and the terrorists in Donbass are the people? I did not confuse anything?

It's time, thanks to propagandists, to call peoples in all countries terrorists

It would be cool..

and how many radicals and terrorists went to the barricades? how many people are in Tokaev's retinue? Well, let's also estimate the population of Kazakhstan. Let's count together!

Ummm... Remind me, please, when was the last time Russia was worried about the Western condemnation of its actions? Am I missing something? and in Ukraine they know that Russia can be stopped by condemnation?

We remember that all organized militias of the people's struggle against the seized authorities and clans are always called either terrorists or bandits, but this is complete nonsense ... we even attribute communists to bandits, but the bandits themselves are in power.

Now, according to the MI6 scenario, the terrorists should use chemical weapons and blame Tokaev for this. Further sanctions from the EU and the USA will be imposed on Kazakhstan. Everything is a copy.

Apparently, this is not as scary for the Kremlin as the condemnation of the West and Turkey

We are waiting for the second act.
There is still a long way to go before the end of the action.
Who will Tokayev turn to in the second act? Probably back to Putin.

It turns out that the whole of Kazakhstan consists of radicals and terrorists, and only Tokayev and his entourage are respectable citizens.