Kemerovo Airport


In Kemerovo not allowed on board flights of drunk passengers

At the airport of Kemerovo, three drunken passengers were detained.

According to official data, police representatives identified and detained a drunken passenger at the Kemerovo airport, who intended to board his flight. According to some reports, his behavior was very inadequate, which ultimately led to an administrative arrest.

A little later, police officers detained two girls in the airport of Kemerovo, who were also in a state of intoxication. As it became known, residents of Tomsk intended to follow in Thailand, but the representative of the chartered carrier, whose name is not called, did not allow them to board the aircraft according to the existing regulations. news agency notes that representatives of the Kemerovo airport are very effective in combating various kinds of offenses, and these cases are far from the first for this air harbor this year.