A fire occurred on a gas pipeline in Kerch - about 25 thousand people were left without gas supply

In the city of Kerch on the Crimean Peninsula, a fire occurred on a gas pipeline, the TASS news agency reports, citing local authorities. According to preliminary data, a medium-pressure gas pipeline caught fire; at the moment, the emergency situation is being eliminated and the damage is being assessed.

The head of the Kerch city administration, Svyatoslav Bryusakov, reported on his Telegram channel that emergency services had already put out the fire. He also clarified that special services are working at the scene of the incident in the area of ​​the industrial base and restoration work is being carried out. As a result of the accident, about 25-30 thousand subscribers were left without gas supply.

According to the latest information, it is planned that emergency work at the fire site will be completed by the end of the day.

The circumstances of the fire have not yet been clarified, and there is no information that this could have happened due to drone attacks, since no information was provided about the night attack.


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