US Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin arrived in Kyiv

US Pentagon chief Lloyd Austin arrived in Kyiv to hold talks with Ukrainian leaders, as he announced on social networks.

"I just arrived in Kyiv to meet with Ukrainian leaders", Austin wrote.

He also emphasized his intention to convey a message of the United States' steadfast support for Ukraine, both now and in the future.

Lloyd Austin's visit to Ukraine is significant in light of current world events. This is due to the fact that earlier there were suggestions that Washington intends to switch to supporting Israel rather than Ukraine.

Meanwhile, former Ukrainian Ambassador to the United States Valeriy Chaly expressed concern about the prospects for new military assistance from the United States. He noted that in light of the current political situation in the United States, especially taking into account the position of the Republicans, this process may be delayed.

It is expected that during the negotiations further steps and arms supply measures that the United States may take in relation to Ukraine will be discussed.


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