Ukrainian Armed Forces Donbass


In Kiev, they said they expect only Zelensky's decree on the beginning of the war in Donbass

In Kiev, they confirmed their readiness to start military operations against Donbass and are only awaiting Zelensky's decree.

Despite the fact that a few months ago, official Kiev denied its intentions to conduct a military operation in the territory under the control of the self-proclaimed Donetsk and Luhansk People's Republics, it became known that at the moment Kiev is awaiting only a corresponding decree - there are enough forces deployed in Donbass in order to start a military operation immediately after the decree of the Ukrainian leader.

Information on this matter was announced by the adviser to the head of the Ministry of Internal Affairs Valery Potseluyko, stressing that today the Armed Forces of Ukraine are fully ready for a military solution to the issue of the self-proclaimed republics.

"For this, only one thing is needed - an appropriate decision of the country's top leadership", - emphasized Kiss.

It should be noted that over the past few days the situation in Donbass has sharply aggravated - strikes are being made not only by the Armed Forces of Ukraine, but also by the forces of the DPR, while each of the parties to the conflict has already suffered quite serious losses.

Ukraine will never start a third world war. They don't have enough darling to die quickly.

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The Americans did not conduct aerial reconnaissance in vain

Have you prepared the coffins for yourself?

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The whole south and all the east from Odessa to Kharkov is Russia, the rest is Poland and Hungary! Yes, Transnistria is also Russia !!! Otherwise, we'll take everything!

And where is the OSCE? Where is Europe that cares so much about human rights? They calmly allowed the redeployment of heavy equipment and artillery to the demarcation line and no statements of any sanctions against Kiev ...
The question is how our government will behave, it was previously stated that we would not give offense to the citizens of the Russian Federation there!
It may turn out to be a "new post-war Germany", with a border in Kiev, will cut Ukraine into zones of influence (accupation): the USA, Romania, Hungary, Poland, Russia. And that’s all, it won’t become more square ... I wonder if they themselves are Ukrainians ready for this? Let's hope that the internal forces in Ukraine will resist the same Poles, Romanians, Hungarians. Otherwise, goodbye Lviv, it will be Polish and not only. The type fought with the Russians, and the Europeans were grabbing the land.

All in all, there was only one question - to make Russian a regional language ...