Kiev stated that Russia sent more than 40 thousand troops to the Avdeevskoe direction

Recently, information has been disseminated from Kyiv about the progress of military operations on various fronts, which raises doubts about its reliability. One example of such information is the statements of the Ukrainian command about a large number of Russian troops sent to the Avdiivka direction.

The official representative of the defense forces of the Tauride direction of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, Alexander Shtupun, claims that Russia sent more than 40 thousand military personnel to the Avdeevsky direction. According to him, the Russian army is transferring both mobilized and Storm-Z units to the front.

How reliable such information is is still unknown, since there have been no official comments from the Russian Ministry of Defense yet, however, it is unlikely that such a large group will participate in the assault on the positions of the Ukrainian Armed Forces in Avdievka.


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