Large-scale COVID police protests begin in China

In China, mass protests among COVID-policemen began.

After Chinese authorities faced nearly 500 protesting citizens opposing tough anti-COVID measures, Beijing faced an equally serious threat - representatives of the COVID police joined the protesters, who are now at risk of losing their jobs (and we are talking about several hundreds of thousands of people).

The situation in China remains extremely difficult, as the PRC authorities cannot come to stabilize the situation in the country. Despite the easing of anti-COVID measures, protests among the protesters continue - the Chinese demand the resignation of Chinese leader Xi Jinping. Moreover, thousands of representatives of the COVID police are already taking part in the protests, who, due to the cancellation of tough anti-COVID measures, have remained, or will remain, without work. Radicalization among the latter is minimal, however, the situation may lead to mass protests against the policies of the Chinese authorities.

It is known that at the moment there are already detentions of representatives of the COVID police and, although the situation is not critical at the moment, the dissatisfaction of the citizens of China is growing rapidly, as the authorities cannot coordinate their actions.


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