Putin and Shoigu


In China, they were struck by the Russian "invisible" killer

China highly appreciated the Russian EW systems.

The Chinese edition of "Sohu" noted that at the military parade on Red Square in honor of the Victory in the Great Patriotic War, Russia did not demonstrate new systems of electronic warfare (EW). One of the main reasons for this is that these systems are able to play a major role in the modern war, literally paralyzing the enemy’s army. Because of this, these systems advertise is not accepted.

The publication, the translation of which is available on the portal "InoSMI", as an example, presents the EW complex "Murmansk-BN". These complexes a few years ago were combined into a single system. She performs constant radar reconnaissance. The system is able to suppress enemy communications at a distance of five thousand kilometers (possibly suppression at a longer range). A significant plus of the complexes is their mobility. This means that they can be deployed in any territory. For example, two years ago they were deployed in the Crimea - since then the peninsula has been under their protection.

The armies of the West are highly adaptable. Dependence on EW funds has reached such an extent that without them they are not able to conduct military operations.

As experts suggest, the United States has already experienced the effect of Russian EW systems. This could occur during exercises in the Baltic Sea and during military operations in the Middle East. From time to time, American warships and aircraft recorded strong interference. Their source could not be established.