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China has created a drone that surpasses the speed of the Russian Avangard hypersonic missile

A drone has been created in China that can reach a speed of 30 MAX.

China has begun to outstrip Russia in terms of the development of hypersonic weapons. So, according to the Chinese media, a unique unmanned aerial vehicle is currently being prepared for the start of mass production. It is capable of a speed of 30 MAX, which is faster than the hypersonic combat maneuvering blocks of the Russian Avangard missile system.

According to Sohu, the tests of the unique unmanned aerial vehicle have been successfully completed and preparations are underway for the start of serial production of these drones. The key task of the latter will be to carry out reconnaissance missions, and, according to some sources, to deliver strikes with thermonuclear weapons.

Russian specialists managed to accelerate the Avangard hypersonic missile to a speed of 27 MAX, however, in the PRC they significantly surpassed the Russian record, especially since this is not a combat maneuvering unit, but a full-fledged unmanned aerial vehicle.

Nevertheless, despite the increased participation of the PRC in the race of hypersonic technologies, there is information that Russia is also developing an aircraft capable of flying at hypersonic speeds, however, at the moment there are no details and facts on this score.

Vanguard performance characteristics are halved, our blocks fly
under 60 max.

Whoever bought something on Aliexpress knows for sure that the Chinese 30 MAX must be divided by 5 at least

The Chinese are shy comrades. Let it be 30 max, actually 300. Believe it or not. / Joke /

In the photo, the Chinese supersonic UAV WZ-8, flying at a speed of 3M. The editors must have added an extra zero by mistake.

Well, why is it quite realistic that our avant-garde is a rocket that has developed a little more than the first space rocket, and all spacecraft overcome it, the whole point is that this unit is capable of being controlled, maneuvering in dense layers of the atmosphere, we just have a planning unit, then the Chinese have it with a booster engine and most likely not controllable, so that it is just a warhead with a booster block. Most likely, ours could disperse more, just in the lower layers it would simply burn out, but the main thing for the Chinese is to show that they dispersed faster, well, for reconnaissance, it might work, but as a combat one it will most likely have to be slowed down, it will burn.

Or maybe 30 VZmahov?

It is unambiguous that the Chinese lie as they breathe. They don't even have hyper missiles. Americans would be worried about this, but they are only concerned about our hypersound.

this is just the beginning

Very dubious stuff.
Disinformation of the enemy is the main goal of the parties claiming the world championship ... You should not take all sorts of statements seriously, especially since it is very difficult to verify this.

I absolutely agree, the guys were in a hurry, it was necessary to publish this news on April 1, in general, everything that the Chinese say should be skeptical ..

Air defense in China will be super made on a platform with 400 better and faster go to the store where all the firecrackers are Chinese

China ahead of the rest of the world will pass time and the vanguards will shoot down without aiming

Comparing a vanguard warhead to an uav is like comparing a round to a green one. The gliding block does not have any cruising speed, but there is a falling speed. As for the UAV with a flight speed of 30m, this is a pure fake. Well, only if the Chinese have not discovered new laws of thermodynamics, physics and new principles of thermal protection. I doubt this, since China has never had advanced science. The Chinese usually steal or copy everything.

Are we competing in speed? The United States and NATO as a whole do not care: what is 27, what is Mach 30 - the result is the same and they have no "antidote" for this. In general, there are 1,5 billion potential pilots in China, why should they create "drones"?

I willingly believe in the text with hieroglyphs. An airplane with wingtips, with wheels ... 30 MAX!? It is known that the Chinese have their own measures of amendment. when to notify the media

In Russia, "Avangard" is already on the database, and in China they are just starting mass production, so there is no need to say that China is ahead of Russia in this matter. As for the speed, the speed of 27 M for the "Vanguard" is its cruising flight speed and for sure it can fly faster, especially since the difference in 3M is not so great.

Let them disperse them again, the best planes, super air defense tanks, blah blah blah.

after the words "according to the Chinese media" you can stop reading ...

This is most likely reliable information.



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