Aircraft carrier


In China, ridiculed the long-suffering aircraft carrier "Admiral Kuznetsov" - he could only drown

In China, they ridiculed the only Russian aircraft carrier that nearly burned out during a large-scale fire.

The strongest fire that occurred on the lower deck of the Russian heavy aircraft cruiser Admiral Kuznetsov again drew attention to this marine vessel. So, according to the Sina publication, the Russian aircraft carrier passed almost all the tests, in particular, during the military operation in Syria, the warship lost two fighters at once in three weeks, after which port cranes fell on it, and, in the end, the aircraft carrier nearly burned out, however, according to journalists, in the near future the aircraft carrier can “pass” yet another “test” - it’s commonplace to drown.

“The aircraft carrier Kuznetsov never fulfilled its original task of expanding Russia's defense and is not a reliable platform for projecting force. This aircraft carrier suffered from various problems, such as electrical equipment, the hull, take-off and landing of aircraft, electrical and mechanical problems, and it is expensive for personnel and maintenance. The aircraft carrier lost two fighters in just three weeks, leaving Russia for a mission in Syria in the 2016 year. The resulting fire even more damaged the worn aircraft carrier. What's next? "Admiral Kuznetsov" just drown? ", - reporters ask questions.

It should be clarified that independent experts believe that the incident with the ignition of an aircraft carrier is directly related to sloppiness during the repair of this warship, and therefore, they propose to recover the cost of repairs directly from the organization conducting the repair work.