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In China, ridiculed Russian hypersonic missile Zircon

Once again, China has found a reason to ridicule Russian hypersonic missiles.

The Chinese media once again found a reason to criticize the Russian "superweapon". Criticized the Russian cruise hypersonic missile Zircon, which. According to the Sina publication, it is a very vague example of weapons, the combat characteristics and capabilities of which are known in advance, although the missile is still not accepted for service and continues to be developed.

“Being one of the earliest models of hypersonic weapons in Russia, although the Russian government attaches great importance to promoting Zircon anti-ship missiles, the project itself is very vague. At the beginning of this year, Russian President Vladimir Putin, in his address to parliament, said that Zircon anti-ship missiles have a maximum speed of 9 Mach and a flight range of more than 1000 kilometers. Nevertheless, so far no one has seen this rocket yet. ”, - the edition marks.

It should be clarified that earlier in the PRC they also criticized other Russian hypersonic missiles, stressing that none of them had been demonstrated, which supposedly raises a lot of doubts about the fact that Russia does have such weapons.