Rocket YJ-18a


In China ridiculed the Russian caliber cruise missile

In China, they talked about a missile that hits the Russian Caliber in all respects.

The Chinese information publication Sina published an article stating that the Russian Caliber cruise missile is no longer an innovative development, and in fact is morally obsolete. Chinese experts reinforce their arguments with the fact that the Chinese YJ-18A cruise missile, which, in appearance, very much resembles the Russian Caliber, has capabilities that are significantly superior to Russian development.

According to the Sina publication, during the flight of the Russian Caliber rocket, it still remains in the sights of air defense and missile defense systems, however, the Chinese YJ-18A missile is devoid of such a drawback, since its flight height is only 3-5 meters.

The Russian “Caliber” is also superior to the Chinese YJ-18A missile in speed, which is 3-3,1 MAX, as well as in distance when striking at sea targets (up to 540 kilometers, against the “official” 375 kilometers at Caliber).

Nevertheless, with regard to the warhead, here the Chinese developers did not succeed, and therefore, the warhead of the cruise missile has a mass of only 140-300 kilograms, against the warhead of Russian cruise missiles in 200-450 kilograms.

On the other hand, the Russian Caliber cruise missiles are currently undergoing modernization, and therefore, their new capabilities may turn out to be an order of magnitude higher.

Early Chinese are happy! With such characteristics, a rocket can only be operated above the water surface and in calm! Above ground, it will not fly further than the first pillar!

I remember how the Vietnamese and Chinese clashed in their time after the end of the Vietnam War. It all ended in peace, but the Chinese military were a little disgraced then.