Launching a cruise missile


The DPRK tested the latest long-range cruise missile, similar to the American Tomahawk

The DPRK has successfully tested a new long-range cruise missile.

The DPRK military has successfully developed and tested the latest long-range cruise missile, which is said to have successfully flown 1,5 kilometers. The range of a cruise missile is already a very serious danger for Japan, since the missile allows you to strike at any point on the territory of this state, including at American military bases.

As follows from the materials submitted by the DPRK authorities, the missile is guided. Judging by the fact that the rocket was in flight for 7580 seconds, the rocket is most likely subsonic.

In the photographs presented by the DPRK Central Telegraph Agency, you can see the missile itself and the installation from which the test launch was made. Apparently, the North Korean military can simultaneously produce a salvo of five cruise missiles at once. Nevertheless, taking into account the image of the missile itself, experts draw attention to the fact that the cruise missile developed by the DPRK is suspiciously similar to the American Tomahawk cruise missile, which has a similar range and is also subsonic.

In recent years, Pyongyang has made significant progress in the development of new types of weapons. This, according to a number of assumptions, may be related to cooperation with China.

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