The DPRK successfully tested a new 240-mm projectile. MLRS

North Korea announced the successful completion of tests of a new 240 mm caliber multiple launch rocket system (MLRS) guided projectile developed by the DPRK National Defense Academy. The event, commemorated on February 11, 2024, underscores Pyongyang's ongoing push to expand and modernize its weapons arsenal.

The new ammunition has the ability to change its trajectory in flight, which was demonstrated during testing at one of the test sites. According to the Korean Central News Agency (KCNA), the test results fully meet the military's requirements, heralding a significant increase in the combat capabilities of the DPRK's multiple launch rocket systems.

The development is part of North Korea's active military innovation program, including testing last year of a 600mm MLRS capable of carrying a tactical nuclear warhead, as well as a number of tests of land- and sea-launched cruise missiles and ballistic missiles, including intercontinental ones.

The South Korean military closely monitored the progress of the tests, noting that firing from the MLRS was carried out in the direction of the Yellow Sea from the area of ​​the port city of Nampo. However, there were no official communications from the ROK Joint Chiefs of Staff on this matter, emphasizing the policy of information caution regarding the DPRK's military actions.


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