In China, they were not enthusiastic about the deployment of Russian nuclear weapons in Belarus

The PRC called on Russia to negotiate, and not to deploy nuclear weapons in Belarus.

The official representative of the Chinese Foreign Ministry, Mao Ning, outlined the current position on Russia's decision to deploy Russian nuclear weapons on the territory of Belarus. Apparently, Beijing reacted to such a decision without enthusiasm and called first of all to seek a diplomatic solution to the conflict on the territory of Ukraine, and to prevent the outbreak of a nuclear war.

“Last year, the leaders of the states that have nuclear weapons issued a joint statement saying that it is impossible to win or fight a nuclear war. It was emphasized that wars between states possessing nuclear weapons should be avoided and strategic risks should be reduced. The parties should focus on diplomatic efforts to peacefully resolve the Ukrainian crisis and work together to help defuse the situation.”, - stressed the official representative of the Chinese Foreign Ministry Mao Ning.

According to information previously announced by Russian President Vladimir Putin, Russia has decided to deploy tactical nuclear weapons on the territory of neighboring Belarus, the construction of a storage facility for which is planned to be completed by the summer of this year.


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