China has unveiled a new radar capable of detecting stealth fighters

Scientists from the Air Force Engineering University in Xi'an Province, China, have unveiled a new radar system capable of effectively detecting and tracking stealthy airborne targets, including US F-22 Raptor fighter jets. The South China Morning Post reports this, citing data from Chinese researchers.

The created system is a complex of three radar stations, which allows it to be used on a variety of platforms - from land to sea. This ensures its high adaptability and mobility in various conditions.

A special feature of this system is the use of a “smart resource allocation” algorithm, which coordinates the work of all three stations for optimal targeting. This significantly increases the likelihood of detecting objects with stealth technologies that are traditionally difficult to detect with standard radars.

In addition, by synchronizing data between radars, the system is able to accurately determine the coordinates of the F-22, which significantly increases the effectiveness of air defense and interceptors in modern air combat conditions.


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