Koltsovo Airport


In Koltsovo two passengers were removed with suspicion of pneumonia

At the airport of Yekaterinburg, two South Korean citizens were removed from the flight due to suspected pneumonia.

The incident occurred on Saturday afternoon, and according to data received by the Avia.pro aviation portal, during the Ekaterinburg-Moscow flight, the couple from South Korea felt unwell, with clear signs indicating pneumonia. The flight was delayed and foreign citizens had to be hospitalized in a local hospital, where they are currently located.

According to the official Timetable for Koltsovo airport, the flight of the company "Aeroflot", as a result of the incident occurred, was delayed by the time of the order of 20 minutes. However, information about hospitalized passengers is not officially received at the moment, which is why there is an assumption that foreign citizens could feel unwell the effect of the dangerous MERS virus.


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