Plane crash


In Colombia, the plane crashed into residential buildings. Video

A light aircraft crashed in Colombia.

According to data provided by the news agency, the day before, a small light-engine plane crashed in Colombia. It is reported that the aircraft crashed into a residential quarter in the village of Popayan, resulting in the deaths of at least seven people, including two crew members.

“A small twin-engine aircraft, on board of which there were nine people at the time of the flight, took off from the local city airfield and headed for Lopez de Mikai. But for reasons unclear so far, some time after takeoff, he collapsed. And he fell on the roof of a residential building. Local media report that at least seven people were killed, including two pilots. The others with severe wounds were taken to a medical institution. ", says the publicationVoice».

What exactly became the cause of the crash that has occurred is still unknown, however, experts pay attention to the fact that one of the versions of the tragedy that occurred is the lack of quality technical maintenance of the aircraft, while there is evidence that the pilots did not have a license at all.