Russian journalists detained in Kosovo on charges of espionage

At night, Russian journalists were detained in Kosovo.

According to the Kosovo authorities, a group of Russian journalists may be involved in the espionage attempt, since, according to preliminary data, they filmed objects where Kosovo special forces and military equipment are located, as well as NATO forces from the peacekeeping contingent.

The head of the Kosovo Interior Ministry, Celal Shvetsla, announced that the special correspondent of Komsomolskaya Pravda, Darya Aslamova, was detained on charges of espionage. It is known that a Russian journalist was detained while trying to cross the border with Kosovo - her current whereabouts are unknown.

“Today, Daria Aslamova was detained at the border crossing in the north (Kosovo). Several countries have proven that she was spying for Russian military intelligence and that she was undercover as a journalist. She also participated in the hostilities in Ukraine"- said in the message.

At the moment, the material filmed by a special Russian correspondent is being studied, while the accusations from Kosovo may turn out to be quite difficult, however, experts believe that the problem can be resolved diplomatically within the next few hours.


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