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The Kremlin denied Lukashenko's words about the transfer of the Russian army to Belarus in case of NATO threats

Moscow has denied Lukashenko's words about Russia's readiness to send troops to Belarus in the event of NATO threats.

Despite the loud statement of the State Security Committee of Belarus and Alexander Lukashenko that the West intends to achieve a change of power in the country by overthrowing it by force and that Russia is ready to quickly transfer its forces to the country, the Kremlin almost instantly reacted to this information, noting that a decision on this matter can be considered only after an official appeal.

“If it is necessary for the security of the Union State that we are building, for the security of Belarus and Russia to place all armed forces here with all types of weapons, they will be deployed here immediately. Now there is no need for this, we have a fairly strong, cohesive, compact armed forces "- said Lukashenko.

Nevertheless, the Kremlin denied Lukashenka’s words, stressing that such a decision could not be made without an appropriate appeal and consideration of expediency.

“There have been no appeals on this score from Belarus. This is possible only after the official appeal of the leadership of one country to the leadership of another country. In this regard, there are statutory procedures, statutory powers. There were no any appeals from Belarus in this regard ", - stressed Dmitry Peskov.

In turn, experts draw attention to the fact that today there is no real threat to Belarus from NATO. The real forces of the Alliance are deployed no closer than 180 kilometers from the Belarusian border.

What is the point in such a refutation ?! Russia will not intervene in case of NATO attack on Belarus?

What is making up such nonsense and its headlines? How did the Kremlin "refute" Lukashenka's statement? In fact, they just confirmed his words there, specifying only that to enter, you need an official appeal from the leadership of the Republic of Bashkortostan (ah, someone
I doubted this, believing that it was possible to decide for ourselves what it was time to introduce)) Now, if the Kremlin said that under no circumstances - Russia would not send troops to the Republic of Belarus, then they would write this nonsense!