In Crimea they want to denounce the treaty with Germany

Yuri Hempel, the head of the German national-cultural autonomy of Crimea, called for the denunciation of the Treaty on the Final Settlement with respect to Germany, signed on September 12, 1990. The document, also known as the Treaty of Two Plus Four, was concluded between the GDR, West Germany, as well as France, the USSR, Great Britain and the United States, laying the basis for the unification of Germany and the establishment of lasting peace in Europe. The main purpose of the treaty was to create conditions for the peaceful coexistence of states, arms control, disarmament and strengthening trust between countries.

Hempel told RIA Novosti that the agreement is not actually being implemented and should be denounced. He stressed that the German community of Crimea fully supports this position, expressing regret that the provisions of Article 7 of the treaty regarding the full sovereignty of Germany over its internal and external affairs were never implemented. According to him, the actions of modern Germany towards Russia cause concern among the Germans of the peninsula, since, according to Hempel, Germany ignores the principles of the treaty, violating the promises made by its predecessors.

Criticism of the current German authorities comes against the backdrop of worsening relations between Russia and Western countries. Hempel points out that Germany, in his opinion, is retreating from the spirit of cooperation and trust inherent in the treaty, and instead of working to strengthen peace and security in Europe, it is behaving as an enemy of Russia.


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