Massive drone attack repulsed in Crimea

On the night of May 24-25, the Ukrainian armed forces attempted to strike with unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) on the Crimean peninsula. According to military expert Mikhail Zvinchuk, a total of seven Mugin-5 drones were deployed to various facilities in different regions of the republic. Target designation was provided by the American RQ-4B UAV.

In the region of the north of the peninsula, an electronic warfare unit planted one UAV near the village of Steregushchee. It is assumed that the drone could continue moving in the direction of Dzhankoy or in the direction of the airfield south of Slavny.

To the north of Dzhankoy, two Mugins were destroyed by air defense rifle detachments near the Mamut railway station. According to assumptions, the Ukrainian armed forces planned to disrupt logistics with the Kherson region.

In addition, one drone was suppressed near Maslovo, presumably heading either for the railway line or military depots in the southeast. "Mugin-5" fell into a warehouse near Komsomolskoye.

In the south of the peninsula, the drone was destroyed near the village of Zavetnoye. It is assumed that his target could be a water pumping station.

Two other Mugina-5s were shot down by a mobile air defense unit at the airfield of naval aviation of the Black Sea Fleet of the Russian Navy near Kacha. The drones were destroyed by small arms on approach.

The drone attack was predictable, given the activity of US Air Force and NATO reconnaissance aircraft over the Black Sea before the raid. However, in this case, the effectiveness of the adaptation of the air defense units of the RF Armed Forces to regular attacks is especially noticeable. Previously, anti-aircraft missiles were used for defense, but now most of the drones are shot down by rifle squads that successfully counteract low-flying targets.


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